Top Free DIY Bear Removal Tips And Tricks For 2018

Free DIY Bear Removal Tips and Tricks

1. The First Steps Of Your Bear Removal

1. Step one is to ensure that all areas around your home are clean and garbage free. This will include bringing any cat or dog food inside your home at night. Make sure to check under bushes and trees for berries and fallen fruit. Bears love fruits & berries and will always come back unless an area is totally clean from them.

2. If possible, store trash cans indoors at night or if you are going away for any long period of time.

3. Invest in a good bear resistant trash can.

4. Build your own DIY Bear-proof garbage can ( Check The Video Below )

5. Clean your BBQ  after every use by running the BBQ on high heat for around 1o to 15 min to burn off any excess food.  Also, make sure to use a wire brush to clean the grill grates.

6. Another method for keeping Bears away from your garbage can is to sprinkle one cup of ammonia solution around the inside of each trash can along with some cayenne pepper powder. Bears will find these smells to be “un bear able” causing them to move elsewhere.

7. Bears have a very good sense of smell so frequently washing out your garbage cans with a good cleaner is always a good idea for keeping the smells down.  Also, be sure to tip any unused cans upside down to ensure they do not collect water for Bears to drink.

8. Make sure that any picnic tables or other outdoor eating locations around your home are clean from any leftover food before you retire for the night. Even the smallest bit of food on the ground could tempt a Bear to investigate.

9. If you have meat or very tempting food in your trash, always double your garbage bags or use odor Stopping Garbage bags. Putting a little bleach or strong cleaner on the outside of the bags before depositing it in the trash will also help.

10. If a Bear is raiding your fish pond, try placing some PVC tubes at least 2 ft in length in your pond or Consider a fish refuge. A fish refuge is a hard mesh cage that allows fish in but keeps predators out. This gives the fish a safe place to hide from wildlife around your neighborhood.

11. Keep bird feeding areas clean by using an extension cord yard and vacuum to remove any spilled seeds, use trays or mesh nets underneath feeders to catch seed. Always clean your feeders regularly. Cleaning your feeders regularly will minimize the odors that will attract bears.

 2. Bears In Your Compost

1. Never add meat, fish, dairy products, oil, unrinsed egg shells, cooked food, or large amounts of fruit to your compost. These items will attract bears and other animals long before they decompose.

2. Always layer the waste that you are adding to your compost. It is best to layer kitchen scraps with a dry layer of leaves or grass clippings.

3. Ensure the contents of the compost are kept moist. If the compost is too dry, it will take overly long to decompose and if it is too wet, the contents may begin to smell.

4. Mix or turn your compost on a regular basis. The microorganisms and fungi at work require oxygen to break down the organic material.

6. Use ash or lime if your compost does start to smell.

7. Try closing in your compost with an electric Bear fence. This method also works well for keeping bears out of gardens and fruit trees.

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